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I have been visiting the Philippines for more than 20 years and have built up a vast network of friends, most of them young hot Filipino girls. One of the things they keep asking is "please find me a nice American man like you." What can I do? I gotta help them. There are so many sweet girls and not enough good guys over there. I have personally met most of the Filipina you see here on my site and through my network I have written, spoken on the phone and emailed the others.

In all my travels to the Philippines the experiences I have had have all very rewarding as I searched for that special someone. I can assure you that yours will be too.

What I would like to see is an opportunity for American men to meet some very special ladies...ladies who want a better life for themselves and their famililies. My hope is that these fine ladies of the Philippines will meet men who will treat them well and care for them as the most treasured relationship in life.

These women are some of the most sincere, loving ladies in the world and the goal it to help individuals to unite in a happy relationship through correspondence.

I invite you to vist the Photos pages and see if there are some nice Filipino ladies you would like to contact. Tour information is available on the Tours page. And if you want to contact me click on the Contact link.

Thanks for visiting and good luck!