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Q: Why is the contact information for the Filipino ladies free?

A: What used to be a dating website for profit has now become more of a public service for these Philippine ladies. We are not as actively involved in travel to the Philippines but these Filipinas still want to meet a western man. So we give it away free now.

Q: How did you find these Filipino ladies?

A: During our travels to the Philippines we met many nice girls who asked if we could find them a nice western man. They gave us their permission to put their photos on our website and release their contact information to interested men.

Q: Some of the girls look very innocent, others look sort of wild. What are these girls like?

A: There are a range of Filipino ladies here. Some are very sweet and indeed quite innocent. Some are quite wild and sexy. So there are personalities for every taste.

Q: Will you be adding more ladies of the Phillipines?

A: From time to time we do receive inquiries from new Filipino ladies so we will add them.

Q: What about Philippine girls as mates for western men?

A: Filipinas are generally very interested in western men, especially American men. They tend to be very active and responsive when contacted. They also generally speak English pretty well so getting a correspondence going is usually easy. And most men report that they are little hotties in intimate situations, something about their mixture of island girl and Spanish blood perhaps.

Q: What about immigration of Philippine citizens to the U.S.?

A: Tourist visas are very difficult to get. K1 fiance, or fiancee visas are routinely granted. So if you meet a nice Filipina and get to the point of wanting to marry the chances are good. It isn't easy. There is lots of paperwork and some expense, and the immigration lawyers can cost you a lot. You can do it yourself if you are persistent. Try the Fiance Visa Guide for more information on getting past the K1 visa interview.

Q: What about travel to the Philippines? Are you doing tours? What's the best deal on airfare and hotel accommodation?

A: For the time being we are not running tours to the Philippines. Travel is still safe and fun. For good deals on air tickets and hotels in Manila and other parts of the Philippines check out some of the links.